A Ride Across America

Inspiring People to Donate Life

In Memorium

Remembering those Team Members who left us too soon.

I-80 Wyoming, over the continental divide

Who We Are 

The Donate Life ATVs Across America Team consists of transplant recipients, living donors, donor family members, and those who support this great need.


Late in 1996 our brother Elliott Monroe told our family that he was suffering from kidney failure. During the next year-and-a-half he went through dialysis but his kidneys continued to deteriorate to the point that transplantation would be required. His brother Kevin was found to be a match and in April of 1998, Kevin donated a kidney to Elliott. During the months that followed, Elliott was doing so well in fact, that in September 1999 he, his two brothers, and brother-in-law Tom spent a week in the outback of central Utah riding their ATVs and camping along the trail.

However, what had become an annual trip was the last Elliott would participate in, for during the next year-and-a-half, Elliott would be in and out of the hospital with a variety of problems which ultimately culminated in his death due to congestive heart failure, a result of kidney failure. That was October, 2001.


All during his illness however, a pillar of strength and determination, Elliott was an example to all those close to him, and to those he only had an occasional acquaintance with.  Never speaking out about his condition, even to his last night.  After making sure all would be well only then asking permission if it would be okay for him to leave his family. It is only fitting that we carry on his stalwart battle against the condition that overcame him.

Elliott's brother Greg, is in a 30-year fight against diabetes, a disease that also contributes to kidney failure.


Tom Zech

Huntington Beach, CA

Recipient Family Member

2004, 2006

Marianne O'Quinn

Fountain Valley, CA

Kidney/Pancreas Recipient