A Ride Across America

Inspiring People to Donate Life


Tom enlivened our 2004 and 2006 trips with his humor, zest for meeting people and the depth of his feelings for what we were doing. Tom is the brother-in-law of Elliott, who was the inspiration for our events. Tom was the light and life of our team and anyone who met him instantly found a friend for life. He is loved and will be sorely missed. Our thoughtsand prayers are with his family at this time.  Continuing his zest for life, his desire to help those in need after his death was fulfilled with his Gift of Life.  His great heart, his kidneys, and liver were given to those in greatest need.  His trachea and one lung were given to asthma research, a disease Tom suffered from.  May his gifts provide the recipients with many years of happiness and health, and may a better understanding of the causes and treatment of asthma be found and give relief to those who also suffer with this disease.

He is survived by his beautiful wife Jean, sons Paul, Scott, and Matthew, and daughter Marg.

Tom Zech